Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Violette Market Trunk Show!

Friday February 13th, 7-9pm
Prepare yourself for a scent-ery overload of thought provoking and mood stirring perfume blends! Amazing local perfumer Violette Market will showcase her entire line of unique hand-blended perfumes inspired by poetry, literature, and mythology and debut four saccharine inspired Wholly Craft exclusive scents!

Start salivating now over these exclusives brought to you by the wonky minds of Violette Market's Tainted Treats, in conjunction with the Warped Wonders brand:

Sugar Explosion - "A disastrous combination of white, brown, and pink sugars cross-contaminated with lemon candies and violet petals dusted in chunks of factory sugar crystals."
Jagged Rock Candy - "Spiked yuzu, desert lime, and prickly cactus coated in crystallized honey sugar, and dusted with deep sea salt."
Chocolate Combustion - "A lethal amount of dark imported chocolate oozing into glazed amber crackle, sweet cream Moo Moo bars, cherry candies, and dried bitter orange flowers.
Toppled Layer Cake - "Toppled tiers of white, pink, and yellow layer cake half covered in butter cream frosting, red raspberry preserves, and a distorted dusting of floral-lemon sugar.