Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tagged! In the best way!!

The Nitty Gritty Girls have struck! Come check out awesome art at the front of Wholly Craft! Earlier this summer we were contacted by this clandestine group of girl graffiti artists looking to give us the gift of free public art. Of course we agreed and waited anxiously for them to strike. This week we heard reports that a couple folks in disguises were working on something in front of the shop--it was them! The pink factories and giant needles look so great--I wish it was permanent. But alas, the installation is temporary and will wash away after a few rains. Be sure to come see it before the storms!! This is super exciting and we're honored to be one of their "targets"!


Sheila said...

can you spray a fixative or clear varnish over it to preserve it a bit longer?

whollycraft said...

We're definitely going to try a sealant to preserve at least part of the installation for a little longer!

MoiraCoon said...

Cool beans!

Incidentally, it was great meeting you at the show. I hope the event went well for you. Your stuff is SO very nifty!

Keep artin'!
Moira (from MoiraCoon's Shinies--