Monday, November 29, 2010

Custom AmyD Apron Party!

Custom AmyD Apron Party!

Monday, December 6th 7-9pm

at Wholly Craft (3169 N. High St.)


10 spaces only, RSVP required!

Thinking about picking up an AmyD apron for someone on your holiday list? Sign up for this exclusive shopping event to create a custom apron! Meet local crafting superstar AmyD and see the nitty gritty of her apron operations. Amy will bring in her selection of apron pieces and let you choose your colors, ruffles, appliqué designs, and pockets (including beer pockets!). She’ll put the apron together on the spot while you enjoy wine, appetizers, good company and a private Wholly Craft holiday shopping experience. Customize your gift, hang out with your gift’s maker, eat, drink, and be merry—it’s the antithesis of harried holiday shopping but you’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind treasure!

Space is limited to 10 participants. Please call 447-3445 or email to reserve your space (payment is required at time of reservation). One custom apron per reservation, but feel free to bring a friend for fun!


HolyJuan said...

I heard about this on the internets. You get some people over to your "house" and teach them how to sew and then WHAM... slave labor.

Will there be adult refreshments?

AmyD said...

Heh, it's at Wholly Craft! And Heather and I do the sewing. yes, adult refreshments.joh

althea arbues said...

Wholly Craft, indeed. I want to be your slave laborer. lol. I badly need to learn how to sew.
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